I’m a creative guy that likes to create things. I believe that there is a higher purpose to created goods, especially when they’re made with passion.  I mean, I don’t want to get all metaphysical off the bat here, but there is just something special about a website, photograph, or business card that is made with dedication and thoughtful insight. We try to come up with explanations about why it looks great.. “That font is just so… good” or “The colors really kind of just work like that.” What does that even mean? We can’t leave it there if we intend on spreading the good, true, and beautiful.

I believe that organizations and individuals need to be challenged in the way they present their message to the world. I don’t subscribe to any magical formulas or business tools when shaping a brand’s message… I use research, manpower, and ruthless dedication to the details to come up with action plans that seem to work great with every client I’ve had the pleasure to assist. It’s not easy, but it’s important.

Thanks for listening to my ramble. I’ll buy you a coffee next time I see you in person. Hold me to it.